About Fettii

Meet Miss Fettii
Hello - I'm Miss Fettii
Hello there!I’m the Lady of the House around here at Fettii. Most people know me as Miss Fettii, although sometimes I’m told it should be Miss Fussy ;)

I’m a self confessed obsessive special occasion enthusiast, hopeless romantic and creative perfectionist with an astute memory for detail.

Oh and I simply thrive on special occasions. Has that been mentioned already?

About Fettii

Fettii is home to Miss Fettii’s ideas and inspiration for creating, celebrating and capturing life’s special moments and making them memorable for a lifetime to come. She calls them Fettii moments.

Fettii Moments

A Fettii [fet-tee – n.] is that one momento that instantly takes you back to the moment. It’s that special something that represents one moment in time in our journey through life and captures the emotion of a moment that is unique and priceless. A Fettii moment is a lasting memory that can happen anytime, anywhere and forever captures our heart. It’s a moment sought after by many and treasured by all for years to come.

Miss Fettii’s Life Motto

Whatever the occasion, it takes just one Fettii to remember the moment.

Miss Fettii’s Mission

From weddings, baby showers and birthday parties to just about any other special occasion in life, Miss Fettii’s mission is to find and share those unique VIP essentials that will make your VIP Moment an extra special one. She lives and breathes to help you find your Fettii.

To deliver on her mission Miss Fettii introduced The Collective, an exclusive group of VIP Vendors featuring some of the world’s leading retailers, along with her own fabulous handpicked (and ever expanding) selection of invitations, stationery, favors, decorations, supplies, gifts and accessories for all occasions – and whether you choose to shop in Miss Fettii’s shop or at one of her VIP Vendors you can be assured that whatever it is you choose will be delivered with the same focus on great design, exceptional quality and extraordinary customer service that you’ve come to expect from Fettii.