1. VIP: Carla LaRue

    Hi Miss Fettii,

    I am a hopeless romantic and I also love the glamour and some bling in
    my wedding. Any tips you can give me, for a beach/garden sunset
    Carla LaRue

  2. VIP: Carla LaRue

    Hi Miss Fettii,

    Wow! This wedding board is the perfect match for what I want in my Wedding,
    coming up on May 9,2014. I would love to show this to my event planner.
    My location is at the Ocean Walk Resort at Daytona Beach, Florida. Time,
    a sunset evening wedding overlooking the ocean, steps down from the pool
    deck. My colors are a bright pastels, only change I would make is adding
    more colors to the board, such as a ocean blue, or blue green and maybe
    a pretty yellow. The bling and the pearls is what is through my wedding
    dress. It is perfect in every way, so glad I found your site and had a chance
    to see all my wedding colors all together. I love the wedding boutique, this
    is exactly what I would love to have on my wedding day.
    Great job, truely beautiful!!!!
    Carla LaRue

  3. VIP: Janet Ang

    I do like a bit of sparkle myself and this board is so fresh, the colours and flowers so pretty. Very nice and once again great job!

    • VIP: Miss Fettii

      Thanks for your feedback Janet, much appreciated xx

  4. VIP: Emma Sue

    Wow I love your inspiration boards. Look forward to seeing more!

    • VIP: Miss Fettii

      Thanks Emma Sue!

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