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Bride In Charge And Groom Not In Charge Cake Toppers

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This product is suitable for personalization. If this product is being personalized, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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    • Hair color changes - starting at $10.00 fee per color (exc. taxes)

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    Please Keep This In Mind
    Hair Color Personalization: At the factory, hair colors are painted directly to unfinished porcelain bisque. Our artists must completely paint over top of the original hair color in order to accommodate your personalization request. As result, a personalized hair color will not be an exact match when compared to hair colors that were applied during the initial production.

Product Description

  • Imperial Dimensions:
    #8656 – Groom: 2.25″ Long, 5.75″ Tall, Weight: 3.2 oz, Base: 2-1/4
    #8658 – Bride: 2.25″ Long, 5.5″ Tall, Weight: 3.2 oz, Base: 2-1/4
  • Metric Dimensions:
    #8656 – Groom: 6 cm Long, 14.5 cm Tall, Weight: 91 g, Base: 8.26
    #8658 – Bride: 6 cm Long, 14 cm Tall, Weight: 91 g, Base: 8.26
  • Bride and Groom Figurine sold separately
  • Hand Painted Porcelain Cake Topper
  • Hair color as shown in picture, custom hair colors available

In Charge Bride Wearing Pants And Groom Not In Charge Without Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

There is no doubt who “wears the pants” in this couple (figuratively and literally). A fun and just a little cheeky cake topper intended to make you smile. Mix and match with our other interchangeable cake toppers if desired. Or if this is the perfect representation of you and your beloved then order these two!


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