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Wedding Inspiration Board - Blush Me to the Altar

There’s nothing quite like a blushing bride rushing to the altar. Having been one myself the thought brings back such wonderful emotions and memories of the late bride that was me literally rushing to make it down the aisle on the big day. I’m not really sure though whether I should describe the colour of my cheeks as blush or rather simply just flushed, but blush certainly sounds so much more romantic so I think I’ll go with that ;)

Blush. The word in itself carries so much emotion and meaning. The colour so whimsical, romantic and so very full of promise. Yes, I am officially in L.O.V.E. with the colour blush (some of you may have already noticed). I think if I could dress from head to toe in it I would – but then again that really would be quite some faux pas even without a mass mane of red curls like mine wouldn’t it?

Blush. Given my current blush obsession it is no surprise that the Blush Me to the Altar wedding inspiration board all started from that one word, blush. And just a word of warning – the number of possible colour palettes for blush is simply endless so you may well expect to see yet a few more inspiration boards showing a hint of blush from the desk of Miss Fettii :)


Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas // Tactic Pendant, Earrings & Bangle by Swarovski // Hanging Tea Light Holders by Pink Frosting // Tablescape Photos Courtesy of Sunday Suppers // Gold Rimmed Champagne Glasses & ‘LOVE’ Dangle Garland by Cedarwood Weddings

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