Wedding Invitation Timeline

Wedding Invitation Timeline - When to send your Wedding Paper Goods

There’s one question that couples almost always end up asking their co-ordinator or stationer.

When do we mail the invitations?

Some get caught up in the excitement of planning and want to do it way in advance (not ideal), and others may leave it to the last minute (even worse). But what is the ideal timeline for your wedding stationery?

Here’s Miss Fettii’s official guide to the Wedding Invitation Timeline!

Up to 12 months before – Send your Save the Dates

As well as wanting to share their excitement with family and friends, some couples worry about double booking during a busy summer season or giving friends and family enough time to plan their holiday allowance and travel arrangements (this is particularly important for weekday or destination weddings). This is where a Save the Date (be it a more formal item sent by post, or simply an email) is really useful. In fact, it can be sent even earlier, but make sure that the ink is dry on your venue contract first.

6 Months Before – Start finalising your design

This is the time to start narrowing down the sort of design you want as well as the number on your guest list (always order more invitations than you need!)

3-5 Months Before – Order your invitations

To ensure they are ready in time, especially if they are being custom made, start ordering your wedding stationery a few months before your wedding date. Take into account not just time for design, proofing and printing, but for addressing each invitation (especially if you are hiring a calligrapher or doing this yourself).

6-8 Weeks Before- Send your invitations out

To make sure you get RSVPs in good time for you to let the venue and other service providers know the head count, never send your invitations later than six weeks ahead of the wedding.

3-4 weeks before – RSVP date

Give yourself plenty of room to confirm numbers, not just for catering purposes, but for printed items such as name cards. An RSVP date should be given on the invitation – after this date, you can start giving those who haven’t got back to you a gentle nudge.

Destination Weddings Timeline

Destination weddings have a special timeline that allows enough time not only for guests to plan travel and accommodation, but for you to get their response. Here are revised estimates for the destination bride and groom:

At least 6 months before – Send your Save the Dates

As described above, Save the Dates are especially useful and important for destination weddings, so be sure to give your guests as much notice as possible.

7 months before – Start finalising your design

As above.

6 months before – Order your invitations

Destination wedding invites need to go out early, so save yourself from rushing by getting them ordered and printed early.

8-10 weeks before – Send your invitations out

Time to send out the invites! This gives guests plenty of time to check out their options and budget before making a final decision.

4-6 weeks before – RSVP date

Start collecting RSVPs from 6 weeks before the wedding. This is especially important if you have activities planned for guests around your wedding, and block hotel booking at discounted rates.

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